Magical Towns of Nuevo León

Currently, the state of Nuevo León has three Magical Towns: Bustamante, Linares, and Santiago. Find out more about these must-see destinations!

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Magical Towns of Nuevo León

As of now, there are three Magical Towns in the state of Nuevo León. They are Bustamante, Linares, and Santiago—three perfect destinations for those who love to discover what’s off the beaten path. Read more about them here.

1. Bustamante

The Magical Town of Bustamante, also known as The Garden of Nuevo León, is primarily known for its gorgeous natural attractions. Among them there’s the De la Palma Caves and El Molino Recreational Center. 

It’s worth noting that this town is an hour and a half from Monterrey, making it a great option for getting away from the city and enjoying an unforgettable weekend.

What to Do in Bustamante, Nuevo León

  • Relax and enjoy a nice dip in the water at El Molino Recreational Center. The center has 11 swimming pools as well as grills, tables, volleyball courts, and places to relax in the shade.
  • Definitely one thing not to miss in this Magical Town is the baked goods. Recommended delicacies include empanadas, hojarascas (traditional cinnamon cookies), and turcos (bread stuffed with pork).

2. Linares

Located southeast of Monterrey, the Magical Town of Linares is the perfect destination for architecture aficionados. Its surprising, colorful buildings can take you to another world.

Another thing that makes Linares such a special place is that, according to legend, it’s the home of the traditional candies known as Glorias. These milk caramel treats were created by Doña Natalia Medina Núñez in 1930.

What to Do in Linares, Nuevo León

  • Take a stroll through the main square. Also known as Plaza de Armas, the main square is where you’ll find the town’s most emblematic buildings such as the Town Hall (with a gorgeous English finish that transports onlookers to the British Isles).
  • Try the region’s exquisite culinary delights. Some must-try dishes to look for include cortadillo, tacos agachados, tortas compuestas (stuffed with vegetables and hardboiled eggs or cheese), and the barbacoa tacos.

3. Santiago

Recognized as one of the magnificent gateways to the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains, Santiago, Nuevo León, is a Magical Town that fascinates with a wide variety of things to do.

Here, you can enjoy relaxing tours of the stimulating, colorful streets and even do some canyoneering, ride a zip-line, and much more!

What to Do in Santiago, Nuevo León

  • Take a break from daily stresses and getaway to see the Cola de Caballo Waterfall. It’s a spectacular 80-foot high waterfall. Likewise, you can also go mountain biking, practice nature photography, and take relaxing walks.
  • When this is all over, and the Day of the Dead celebrations can be held without risks, head out to experience the holiday in Santiago. The aromas and magic of this town are simply heartwarming.