Old West Outing in Durango

If you love movies, if you like exotic destinations, and if you want to have an exceptional vacation, be sure to head to Durango. You can experience a cowboy duel on a movie set on Paseo del Viejo Oeste.

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The villain was already tasting victory when, suddenly, Chief Mawa and his Apache warriors appeared on the horizon. Their shadows stretched across the ground to brush the bandit’s boots. Slowly, he drew his gun…

Bang! Bang! Two shots were fired. When the smoke cleared, the Apache Chief was still standing, his gaze fixed on the scope and his finger on the trigger. The villain missed his shot, but Chief Mawa did not. Bang! The bad guy went down. Cheers arose.

I am in Paseo del Viejo Oeste, in the outskirts of the city of Durango, where I just witnessed the show put on by this unusual theme park.

Built in the 50s as a movie set, in Paseo del Viejo Oeste you can travel to the wild times policed by sheriffs thanks to the unique location. I recognize the classic saloon pouring honky-tonk music into the street. I go towards it to see how the horses are groomed, and in the distance I see teepees in the Apache settlement. There, warriors are preparing for their next show. I am literally walking through a movie.

More than 150 Westerns were shot on this site framed by the Durango’s dramatic desert scenery. Known as the Movie Land, this state in the north of Mexico holds beautiful scenery that has inspired many creators.

The village where Paseo del Viejo Oeste is located was built as a backdrop for the movie Buck and the Preacher, starring award-winning actor Sidney Poitier.

Among the spaces preferred by directors are Mexiquillo Rock Garden and the whimsical Sarnoso mountains. There are also the Devil’s Backbone canyons and the valleys around the Magical Town of Mapimí, which boasts its own ghost town. The most recent blockbuster to be filmed in Durango was the television series Texas Rising, a U.S. History Channel saga dramatizing the Texas Revolution. Part of the costumes, furnishings, and props are displayed in the 450 City Museum, in the city of Durango.

Whatever the next production needs: forests, mountains, or deserts, Durango’s intensely blue skies and diffuse light are sure bets for any filmmaker. When light and land come together at dusk, stories from the big screen seem to come to life…

Don’t Miss

  • At night, gather around Chief Mawa’s campfire to hear his tribe’s stories.
  • Duck into a teepee, and contemplate the sky that has so enchanted the seventh art.
  • In the city of Durango, don’t miss the cable car or the view from the lookout point.
  • Stroll along Constitution Corridor pedestrian street.
  • Don’t forget to stroll along the emblematic streets and buildings of Durango’s capital.

Keep in Mind

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