Cenote Kin Ha

Set off on one of the most exhilarating adventure experiences at Cenote Kin Ha, a stop on the Cenotes Route in Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo

Kin Ha

It’s time to unplug from technology and plug into nature, since ecotourism thrives around the splendid Cenote Kin Ha. Prepare to select your activities and immerse yourself in a day filled with unforgettable thrills! 

Cenote Kin Ha invites you to unleash your adventurous spirit in a natural setting, offering authentic experiences and connections along the Cenotes Route, right in the heart of the Riviera Maya.

Sun and Water 

Kin Ha translates to ‘sun and water’ in the Mayan language. Moreover, it boasts stunning formations within the cave, earning its reputation as one of the most beautiful cenotes in Puerto Morelos.

Nestled within a cavern, Kin Ha’s crystal-clear waters are illuminated by sunbeams, displaying an intense shade of blue. With a depth of 197 feet, it’s perfect for several activities such as ziplining, relaxing on one of its two wooden platforms, swimming, and snorkeling.

Cenote Kin Ha: Ecotourism at Its Finest 

The fun extends beyond the cenote with an immersive experience in the lush jungle. Speed along verdant trails on fast ATVs, feeling the adrenaline rush. Alternatively, opt for a tranquil horseback ride, where you can listen to the birdsong and the jungle’s symphony enveloping the cenote.


  • Rental of cenotes for Mayan weddings
  • Restaurant
  • ATVs 
  • Horseback riding 
  • Life jackets 
  • Zip line through the jungle
  • Zip line over the water
  • Hammocks 
  • Bicycles 
  • Lockers 
  • Campgrounds 
  • Parking 
  • Restrooms

How to Get There

Take the Puerto Morelos highway and at km 20, head towards Leona Vicario until you see signs indicating the way to Cenote Kin Ha. Please note that public transport is unavailable, so it’s advisable to travel by car or taxi. 

Your visit to Cenote Kin Ha promises a complete experience in which nature becomes your ultimate travel companion.


Cenote Kin-Ha, Quintana Roo, México

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