Cenote Lu'um

Cenote Lu’um

Explore a young cave cenote, only 8 million years old. Descend via rappel to swim in water surrounded by rocky formations. An unparalleled experience awaits!

Cenote Lu’um is a natural depression that forms part of the Cenotes Route in Puerto Morelos. It reveals an underground river system and freshwater. Nestled within a cavern, it boasts an upper vault and impressive rock formations inside, giving it a distinctive allure.

Rappelling at Cenote Lu’um

One of the remarkable features of this stunning turquoise cenote sinkhole is the adventure it presents, starting with entering the cave. An 82-foot descent by rappelling from the top leads you into its depths. 

Once inside, discover waters encircled by rock formations and long tree roots extending from the surface, forming spectacular columns.

Activities at the Cenote

With depths ranging from 69 to 82 feet, this cenote offers several activities:

  • Rappelling
  • Kayaking
  • Swimming
  • Diving from 6.5-foot platforms

For explorers, this place is a haven for diving, revealing an underground world. Inside, witness diverse scenes shaped by the play of light entering through the entry vault, casting varying hues upon the water.

How to Get There

The cenote is located on the Leona Vicario-Puerto Morelos road, 14 miles from Puerto Morelos. From Cancún International Airport, it takes roughly an hour to arrive. By car, take the Tulum–Cancún highway (Mexico 307) towards Leona Vicario, Quintana Roo, and drive as if heading to Kin-Ha. 

Visiting a cenote also means feeling the historical and cultural connection between nature and ancient civilizations, which still consider these sites sacred within the community.



Cenote Lu'um, Quintana Roo, México

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