Popol Vuh

Cenote Popol Vuh

For those seeking a paradise tucked in the heart of the jungle, Cenote Popol Vuh is a natural treasure awaiting exploration along the Cenotes Route.

Popol Vuh

Cenote Popol Vuh is situated at km 32.7 on the Cenotes Route in the town of Leona Vicario, in Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo. It remains a spot free from city noise and light pollution.

Immerse Yourself in Jungle and Water

To access the natural beauties surrounding the cenote sinkhole, you’ll follow a mile of dirt road until you reach a vast open pool. It’s an open-air cenote that is notable for using solar panels instead of traditional electrical sources. Cenote Popol Vuh invites you to appreciate nature and stunning starry nights.

Essentials for Visiting Cenote Popol Vuh

To make the most of your day at Popol Vuh, consider the following:


  • Adults: $250 MXN pesos
  • Children: $180 MXN pesos

Hours: Daily, from 8 AM to 5 PM.

The entrance fee includes:

  • Swimming in the cenote from the time you arrive until closing
  • Unlimited use of the zip line
  • Use of the trampoline
  • Life jackets
  • Access to restrooms
  • Bringing in (pre-prepared) food and drinks
  • Visiting the swamp (closed-toe and non-slip footwear recommended)
  • Early arrivals can use the palapas or thatched shelters (only if you aren’t bringing food or drinks)

Services at Popol Vuh

  • Restaurant: Enjoy delicious food in a space that offers the house specialty, pescado a la talla (grilled fish), and drinks.
  • Grill rentals: Have a delightful time cooking out with your family or friends.
  • Camping: Delight in the sounds of the night while preparing dinner and spinning tales.

How to Get There

From Cancún, head towards Puerto Morelos, taking the parallel service road to bypass the bridge, and head to the turnoff leading to the Cenotes Route. You will spot a wooden sign at km 33. From there, follow a mile of unpaved road, and voila! You’ve arrived at paradise.


Cenote Popol Vuh, Quintana Roo, México

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