Patio central de la Centro Cultural Casa 6

Casa 6 Cultural Center

Patio central de la Centro Cultural Casa 6

To travel back in time, all you have to do is take road 57, heading south, and go through the gateway of a mansion painted in auburn tones. Centro Cultural Casa 6 is a cultural center in a 16th-century house where the opulence of the Viceroyship and the 19th century are brought to life in its furniture and decoration. 

The main hall displays elegance with its tables, display cabinets and carved wooden chairs, whilst the bedroom reveals the wealth of the family who once lived there: its walls are painted blue, a color that was very difficult and expensive to obtain back then. 

Exit to the main patio and admire the way that the light filters through the Elizabethan arches crowned with stained-glass windows. You will see how the building turns into a kaleidoscope. 




Centro Cultural Casa No. 6, Calle 57, Zona Centro, Campeche, Camp., México

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