Sala de Fortificaciones en el Centro Cultural El Palacio

El Palacio Cultural Center

Sala de Fortificaciones en el Centro Cultural El Palacio

The historical and cultural district of the Parque Independencia is completed by El Palacio Cultural Center, a harmonious building formed of rounded arches in the characteristic yellow shade typical of facades in this part of the country.  

Despite its colonial appearance, the structure dates to the year 2000 and is located in the place where the Viejo Palacio once was, the building that housed the government, customs, and the town hall, which was demolished in 1963. The current building is an exact replica of the original, except for the fact that it is no longer home to administrative activities, but cultural ones instead: it has a documents hall as well as workshops. 

Its finest treasure is the Museo de Fortificaciones, Comercio y Navegación (Fortifications, Trade and Navigation Museum), which explains the importance of the maritime routes that passed through Campeche’s ports with projections, miniatures and interactive exhibitions.




Museo El Palacio, Calle 8, Centro, Campeche, Camp., México

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