Cerro de San Pedro

Cerro de San Pedro Monumental Hill

Cerro de San Pedro

Bushes, yuccas, and scrub form the landscape of the Cerro de San Pedro. Here, on this monumental hill, an ancient group of Guachichil people formed the first settlement that was to become San Luis Potosí. After precious metals were discovered here, the area’s wealth was as promising as that of Real del Potosí, then the era’s richest zone in what was then Upper Peru and is now Bolivia. These days, you can still see the square, church, and many of its streets, all built with the same stone that was brought out from deep inside the hills.

Useful Information

Next to the church is the town hall which holds a painting depicting the Spanish and Guachichil people when they first discovered gold in the region.


14 miles east of downtown San Luis Potosí




Cerro de San Pedro, S.L.P., México

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