Xcaret Park

Discover Xcaret Park! It is one of the most fun and memorable outings you can take on your trip to the Riviera Maya.


Xcaret Park is among the best park experiences in Cancún and the Riviera Maya, offering over 50 natural and cultural attractions for the entire family.

What Will You Find at Xcaret Park? 

In Maya, “Xcaret” means “small inlet.” Due to its location, it attracted the pre-Hispanic peoples who inhabited the area. They used this port as a center for trade. 

Xcaret has everything you could possibly want on your vacation. It’s a water park, theme park, amusement park, eco-archeological site, and more. Sitting in the jungle, it showcases natural settings like underground rivers, cenote pools, and the stunning Caribbean Sea. Furthermore, Xcaret stands out among theme parks in Cancún and the Riviera Maya for its exuberant celebration of Mexican history, traditions, and folklore.

If you visit this destination, don’t miss the following activities!

Enjoy the 50 different activities available within the park, including some of our favorites: 

  • Swim in its underground rivers.
  • Check out a vast array of species in the aviary, butterfly pavilion, and Coral Reef Aquarium—be amazed by the country’s famous biodiversity.
  • Experience colorful folklore through the Xcaret México Espectacular show, featuring over 300 artists.

And, of course, delight in the mouthwatering traditional cuisine!

Useful Information for Planning Your Xcaret Park Getaway 

How much are tickets to Xcaret Park? 

Because Xcaret offers numerous attractions and activities, it provides various packages letting you tailor your experience to your preferences, time, and budget. The available packages are: 

  • Xcaret Basic (adults: $2,251 / children: $1,688 MXN pesos) 
  • Xcaret Plus (adults: $2,908 / children: $2,251 MXN pesos)
  • Xcaret Total (adults: $3,471 / children: $2,908 MXN pesos)
  • Xcaret at Night (adults: $1,782 / children: $1,407 MXN pesos)
  • Tickets for Xcaret at Night include everything in Xcaret Basic tickets and is specifically for those interested in enjoying the spectacular nighttime show, México Espectacular, which is undoubtedly one of the park’s star attractions. 
  • We recommend purchasing the exclusive Xcaret option as it includes the advantage of having a seat reserved in the Gran Tlachco, where the show takes place. Additionally, it includes snacks, beverages, and personalized attention. You can enter the park starting at 4 PM. 

Each package is different. In all of them, children under 4 years old enter free, while kids from 5 to 11 receive a 25% discount on the adult price. We recommend checking the park’s official sites for up-to-date costs.


Xcaret Park, Solidaridad, Playa del Carmen, Q.R., México

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