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Quick Trip to San Luis Potosí

Have a couple of days for a getaway? Make a quick trip to San Luis Potosí and discover the perfect place to clear your mind and see fascinating places.

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If you’re short on time, plan a quick trip to San Luis Potosí

You don’t really need a lot of time to get out and expand your horizons. If you don’t have the calendar space to plan a long vacation, take any weekend, holiday, or holiday weekend and plan a short trip to San Luis Potosí. Here are some tips to make the most of your days.

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1. A High-Rolling Tour: Tourist Trolley Through the Historic Center

If you’ve got a little time to see the city, the trolley ride is a good way to get a quick view of all the points of interest. The weather is mild most of the year, so let us suggest the second floor of the trolley where you can get a better view of the city as well as take photos and incredible selfies. The guides have anecdotes and historical info on the main points to see: the cathedral, Plaza de Armas, Caja del Agua (old water silo), the tree-lined Calzada de Guadalupe, and, of course, the traditional seven neighborhoods. The tour takes its time (approximately an hour) to make its way through the cobblestone streets and stop at major points of interest. The narration, which is chock- full of historic information, also has its fair share of amusing commentary to make the ride more fun. Of course, the tour also includes a stop in the traditional neighborhood that inspired Pepe Guízar’s Acuarela Potosina in which he sings “Yo soy de San Luis Potosí, es mi barrio, San Miguelito” (I’m from San Luis Potosí. San Miguelito is my neighborhood). Be sure to bring protection for your skin and watch out for the branches of the jacaranda trees.

  • Make your reservation at 01 (444) 110 0033.

Tours leave regularly from 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and cost 60 pesos per person.

T. 01 800 400 8484.

2. Surrealism Lives Here: Museo Leonora Carrington and Centro de las Artes

How about a bit of culture? At the Centro de las Artes—a completely renovated building that served as the state penitentiary in the 20th century—there’s a museum dedicated to a distinguished visitor: surrealist painter Leonora Carrington. Here, you’ll see drawings, paintings, and sculptures of fantastical creatures, an ample collection donated by the Carrington family. The works, which range from jewelry to monuments, are now displayed in high-quality museum style in what were once jail cells and prison yards. Surreal, isn’t it? The Centro de las Artes has a radial panoptic structure, that is, the centermost point affords a view of every nook, cranny, and open space. A watchtower stands at this point, constantly intervened by artists who have worked to rid this space of bad energy. There are always exhibitions to check out, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be there for the Mercadillo de Arte (Art Market), held once a month with a wide variety of artisanal and gastronomical products from the region. This is also the site of the annual Wine Festival, where you can taste exquisite varieties from all over Mexico.

  • Schedule your guided tour:

T. 01 (444) 137 4100

Entry 50 pesos, senior citizen and student discounts available.

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3. Let’s Go to La Legendaria

This is an excellent option located west of the city (a 20 minute car ride from downtown) where you can eat well and savor some refreshing beverages. If you’re not already dying of hunger, consider taking a tour of the craft beer brewery installations, with detailed explanations by brew master Luis Haro. That way you can learn a little and immerse yourself a little in beer culture, which has experienced a boom in global popularity. Afterward, you can do a tasting of their extraordinary beers: want to try a Mexican lager? There’s La Potosina. A history-packed blonde ale? The 1810. How about a Valle de México, a wheat beer dedicated to the “most transparent region”? If you’re demanding, drink a 2 de Abril, a Porfirian Pale Ale, or something stronger, Judas, an Indian Pale Ale that will fire up your demons, or a Segundo Imperio—a porter fit for an emperor. What’s more, this place has excellent food with delicious cuts and seafood dishes, as well as a wide variety of appetizers to pair with your beer. The annual events at La Legendaria like the anniversary (date is variable, but it’s celebrated in spring) and Oktober Fest, when they celebrate German culture with a taste for beer and grilled sausages. Without a doubt, it’s a wonderful place for having a good time, either inside or out on the patio.

T. 01 (444) 833 5374

4. For Kids and Kids at Heart: Museo Laberinto de las Ciencias y las Artes

If you’re traveling with kids or you’re just a kid at heart and looking for fun, be sure to visit Laberinto: the Arts and Science Museum. This interactive museum aims to spread scientific knowledge. Located in the south of the city, next door to the gorgeous Parque Tangamanga, the museum was built by Legorreta Arquitectos (the same architecture firm that designed Mexico City’s Papalote Children’s Museum). It features a wide range of possibilities for playful learning. With different themed rooms that you can visit in order or at random, let the museum lead you on an exploration of your different intelligences: logical-mathematical, spatial, kinesthetic, interpersonal, naturalist, pictorial, musical, linguistic, and more. The building has earned awards for its universal accessibility and its gardens offer a great chance to see the plant life of the Potosino highlands up close. Laberinto has a number of optional activities, like the astronomical observatory, and the 3D projection hall, as well as the Sound Space Pavilion—a wonderful place to relax. There are also periodic events like Astronomy Night (one Thursday each month). Check out the museum’s webpage and social media accounts, where they’re constantly offering promotions for visitors, who always come back for the fun experience.

  • Reservations at 01 444 1027800 or

(Variable rates according to activities undertaken inside).