Aguascalientes The country’s second smallest state possesses enormous treasures: its capital is a city filled with history, with springs that flowed in the times of New Spain and the Ruta de Plata (the Silver Trail) that cut through haciendas. Its Magical Towns are rich in history and old buildings, not to mention the beauty of its landscapes, deserts turning to forests in an instant as you travel through its lands.
Baja California It may appear as though the legacy of Tijuana, Mexicali or Ensenada has resulted in Tecate. But few are aware of the fact that this Magical Town has forged its own path within the culinary scene and as a destination for rest and wellbeing. Come and feel its countryside atmosphere.
Baja California Sur Ocean landscapes, missions, food and good wine are what Loreto and Todos Santos have in common, the state’s two Magical Towns. Separated by almost 310 miles, both towns are blessed with a geography surrounded by nature and gorgeous waters.
Campeche The immense Gulf that in one stretch is home to flamingos; the abundant jungle that blankets the vestiges of ancient Mayan cities; Magical Towns and a walled city… These are some of the incentives tracing the route through this ever-smiling state.
Chiapas Let the grandeur of its Maya cities surrounded by jungle seduce you, let its handicrafts fill you with their color, go on adventures through lakes, waterfalls and rivers with the Lacandons. Spend time with their people and take a little piece of the heart of their Magical Towns with you.
Chihuahua Chihuahua’s sights are varied and impressive: The mining atmosphere of Batopilas, the grandeur of the archeological site of Paquimé in Casas Grandes, the indescribable landscapes of the Barrancas del Cobre (the Copper Canyon) enjoyed from the comfort of the Chepe Express train, not to mention a capital city that was at the heart of the Mexican revolution...
Mexico City Mexico City, capital and heart of the Mexican Republic, is a place filled with history and legends. It is home to unique animal species such as the axolotl, the Sierra Madre sparrow, and the teporingo. A city of kind people and great gastronomic abundance. Its streets are proof of a cultural transformation that began in pre-Hispanic times and continues to this very day.
Coahuila Indescribable landscapes can be found within this great territory. Crystalline pools, vineyards rich in history, lost missions, rivers and lakes, ancient tribes and even snowy landscapes. Get to know its cities and Magical Towns, and bear witness to all of this.
Colima Colima is a whisper from the Pacific. To the north, its towns are found between the aroma of coffee and fruit orchards, guarded over by the implacable Volcán de Fuego (“Fire Volcano”). To the south, the coastal waters stretch over the beaches and wetlands. Joy can be felt in its forests’ canopies, in its birdsong and the memory of Comala that is still being written about.
Durango Mystery surrounds the towns of Mapimí and Nombre de Dios. The first is trailed by the shadow of its mining history. In the second, old ahuehuete tree forests give it a dreamy atmosphere. As for the capital, it shines with beauty and elegance.
State of Mexico Enjoy the rich culture, history, gastronomy and the natural wonders that Toluca, its charming towns, and nine Magical Towns have in store for you.
Guanajuato Guanajuato is one of Mexico’s best kept secrets. It has one of the most beautiful cities that date back to the time of the viceroyalty, and it was here that the events that changed the course of Mexico’s history unfolded, such as El Grito de Independencia (the “shout” of independence).
Guerrero Acapulco, Taxco, and Ixtapa Zihuatanejo are some of Guerrero’s unforgettable and irresistible places. The sea, the mountains and their ceaseless silversmith work make it a coveted, popular state that people will never get tired of visiting.
Hidalgo Immense forests, wonders of nature, memories of a mining past, caves and canyons are only a fraction of what Hidalgo and its Magical Towns have on offer.
Jalisco Jalisco is the essence of Mexico: Tequila, Mariachi and Charrería (Mexican horsemanship). These emblems lie at the heart of Jalisco’s eight Magical Towns, but you can also enjoy the fresh air that blows down from its mountain ranges, the cosmopolitan atmosphere in Puerto Vallarta, the art in Guadalajara and the devotion of its people to their saints and virgins.
Michoacán Michoacán’s skilful hands make pieces of art as well as award-winning food. The Purépecha legacy lives on in every corner of its Magical Towns and in Morelia, in its music and traditions. A trip to each of these places will fill you with joy.
Morelos Morelos is a state that has born witness to some of Mexico’s most important events. Thanks to its climate of eternal spring, it has countless resorts, spas and water parks you can visit.
Nayarit From the Ceboruco Volcano, all the way to the capital of surf, Nayarit has many great adventures to offer travellers, including beaches, Magical Towns, cities and beautiful Pacific landscapes.
Nuevo León Look down upon Nuevo León while you fly down a zip-line; submerge yourself in its intense canyons; explore mysterious caves or walk between its majestic constructions. However you want to live it, come and enjoy its capital and its Magical Towns.
Oaxaca This land of the gods is filled with marvelous people and places. Its capital, its Magical Towns and its coast are only a taste of what Oaxaca has to offer: mountain ranges, ocean, convents, archeological sites, gastronomy, faith and a great deal of happiness.
Puebla Nature, tradition and architecture are some of the elements that define this state. Come and visit its capital which is a World Heritage Site, and its ten Magical Towns.
Querétaro Travel along the Wine and Cheese Route, sail over the Zimapán Dam and let the Bernal Monolith surprise you. Visit the World Heritage Site of Querétaro’s churches. And let yourself be carried away by its Magical Towns.
Quintana Roo Turquoise waters, the abundance of the Caribbean, and the remains of ancient cities lining the coast… These are just a few of the wonders Quintana Roo has in store for you.
San Luis Potosí The state’s capital and its Magical Towns are enigmatic, captivating and surreal. A visit to the heart of each one will reveal its traditions, authentic communities and dreamy landscapes.
Sinaloa A mining past, Yoreme traditions, gastronomy, nature, and architecture are waiting for you in Sinaloa’s four Magical Towns.
Sonora This multi-faceted destination isn’t all desert. Sonora and its two Magical Towns possess different ecosystems, rich in biodiversity and unique in the country.
Tabasco Natural turquoise-colored springs, waterfalls and abundant plant life invite the traveler to take a deep breath and dance to the beat of nature’s rhythm.
Tamaulipas With an interesting borderland history and enormous biodiversity, Tamaulipas and its two Magical Towns invite you to come and enjoy one of the country’s most important nature reserves.
Tlaxcala Tradition, color, and gastronomy await you in Tlaxcala’s capital and its Magical Towns. Explore the old haciendas that were once dedicated to the production of the pulque drink, and join in with their festivities.
Veracruz From its imposing, snow-capped guardian, Citlaltépetl, all the way to the archeological site of El Tajín, flown over by Totonac ritual dancers or voladores; Veracruz offers the avid traveler an unforgettable adventure.
Yucatán Visiting Mérida and its Magical Towns means meeting warm people who are more than happy to chat, show you their handicrafts or their gastronomic legacy. It means submerging yourself in sacred cenotes (deep sinkholes in limestone with natural pools at the bottom), and receiving blessings from the gods in Chichén Itzá. By bicycle or on foot, exploring its streets will fill your heart with magic.
Zacatecas Mining landscapes, enigmatic archeological sites, architecture, and a poetic atmosphere await you in the city of Zacatecas and its six Magical Towns that together make this the American Capital of Culture.